To our little home away from home.

Here, have some (terribly old) screenshots. Or take an (even older) tour. For good measure, you can find some (outdated) and utterly unorganized pictures here.

In case you're new here, Erisia is running Modular Mayhem. If you look at the tab list above, you'll find setup instructions as well as maps of Erisia.

This is largely a place for building your own infrastructure. Cooperation is encouraged, but not required; we understand that building your own bases is fun. The reason you should do so here, and not in single-player, is because visiting other people and discussing your builds is also fun, and sometimes so is collaboration. The reason you should do so here, and not on a different server, is for the people you can find here, but also because our admins will make a desperate effort to recover from bugs and also frequent backups.

We don't tend to lose your stuff.


Now, some limits on use of admin powers... - Baughn